7 Places to Buy Sustainable Gift Wrap for the Holidays

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The Best Sustainable Wrapping Paper

Unwrapping gifts is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the holiday season. Whether you're swapping secret Santas or celebrating with your kids during Hanukkah, gift wrap is what makes the giving season so special.

However, aiming for a more sustainable holiday season can complicate the subject of wrapping paper. From the waste it creates to the plastic it's made with, gift wrap is one of the least sustainable aspects of the holiday season—yet many people aren't aware of the true implications.

Read on to find out why ordinary gift wrap isn't sustainable and how to swap it for options that are more eco-friendly (without sacrificing the spirit of the season).

Why Isn't Normal Wrapping Paper Sustainable?

The obvious problem with conventional wrapping paper is that it creates a considerable amount of waste. Earth 911 estimates that2.3 million pounds of gift wrapwinds up in landfills each year.

This is the case even when people aim to recycle their gift wrap. That's because many people assume wrapping paper can be recycled since it's a form of paper when in reality, the shine and glitter on gift wrap makes it unrecyclable. These sparkling additions may look festive, but they're made from plastics that can't be recycled.

And when someone tosses something unrecyclable into a recycling bin? It doesn't just send the gift wrap to the landfill—it contaminates the entire batch. In other words: Wrapping paper from a single gift can send an entire truckload of recyclables straight to the landfill. Yikes.

Another thing to consider about the glitter and shine on wrapping paper is that it results in microplastics. These tiny particles of plastic can infiltrate our waterways and threaten bird and marine life. That's also the case for bows and ribbons, which are often made from, or coated in, different types of plastic.

Similarly, wrapping paper on a gift is often secured with plastic tape. If a type of wrapping paper is recyclable, but it has plastic tape or a shiny metallic bow attached, it will likely still wind up in landfill, even if you put it in the recycling bin.

Lastly, conventional wrapping paper is often made from virgin paper, meaning it may have contributed to deforestation, pollution, and massive water consumption. It's especially disheartening to think we're wrapping our gifts in material that directly degrades the environment when landfills and recycling bins are full of material that could've been repurposed three times over into beautiful, sustainable gift wrap.

The truth about conventional wrapping paper is grim, but it doesn't have to negatively impact the holiday season and the way we give gifts to loved ones.

In fact, there are dozens of brands focused on creating eco-friendly wrapping paper. The following seven brands boast a range of sustainability perks in their gift wrap, including cotton materials, renewable fibers, compostability, and more. We also include options for recyclable, plastic-free tape and adhesives, plus bows and other gift additions made from renewable resources.

our top picks for eco-friendly wrapping paper:


Wrappily is a company that’s deeply informed about the ills of ordinary gift wrap. That’s why all their gift wrap is made from repurposed newsprint, making it 100% compostable and recyclable. Newsprint has a robust recycling rate of 75%, and such fibers can be recycled up to seven times—the highest recyclability rate of any material in the United States!

All these eco-friendly positives aside, their wrapping paper is adorned with cute, colorful, and creative designs, some of which are double-sided.

They also have accessories like twine made from hemp andcotton ribbon. We also love that they offer a DIY macrame gift topper. With this craft kit, you can create a macrame decal and attach it to the outside of the present for a truly unique, creative, and memorable gift.


Finding eco-friendly gift wrap for your small business can be a challenge, but Noissue makes it easy.

Their selection of mailers, tissue paper, totes, tags, stickers, and more can all be customized with your own design and branding, giving your customers a sustainable way to keep you top of mind.

While their bulk gift wrap is foremost for businesses, it could also be a helpful asset for charities, schools, or events that require gifted invitations or thank yous.

所有的产品在Noissue还属于一个词rcular framework—meaning they’re either compostable, recyclable, or reusable. Noissue emphasizes the circular economy as a core sustainability feature because it reduces the consumption of finite resources while helping businesses grow in a way that benefits both the environment and society. What’s not to love about that?


You already know Etsy is a haven for recyclable gifts, but did you know they have a large selection of sustainable gift wrap, too?

A search for eco-friendly wrapping paper on Etsy returns over 5,000 results, and the variety is vast.

Choose from sustainable gift wrap options like Furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloths, hand screen-printed paper made from renewable fibers, and gift wrap handmade from grass and mango leaf.

You can also find sustainable and upcycled ribbon to wrap it all together.

Be sure to check out their options forsustainable, recyclable tape, too. This one is an adhesive you can activate with water, making it totally plastic-free. As a bonus, many Etsy sellers display their ethical manufacturing and product sourcing standards.


If you want a truly unique gift wrap idea, look no further than Furoshiki—the art of wrapping gifts with scraps of fabric.

Wrappr’s Furoshiki wrapping cloths are made from materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester and can be easily reused again and again.

These wraps are available in multiple colors and patterns in four different sizes (19.5 x 19.5 to 51.18 x 51.18 inches).

You can find multiple How-To tutorials for gift wrapping different presents with their fabric, and there's no need to buy plastic tape or extra accouterments for this already-lovely gift. The best part about Furoshiki is that it's a gift in itself. The person you're gifting it to can reuse the Furoshiki for storing special items or regifting with style.

use codeSUSTAINABLYCHICfor 20% off your purchase

5)Wearth London

Wearth London sells a wide range of sustainable home and lifestyle items, but their gift wrap is especially impressive.

You can find eco-friendly packing tape in cheetah print, sustainable folded gift tags, damask fabric gift wrap, and of course, recyclable wrapping paper.

广泛的设计和材料使其easy to personalize gifts, and we love that you can filter by different levels of sustainability in your search—including plastic-free, recycled materials, and more.

Another reason to love Wearth London is their mission. Not only do they sell a wide range of zero-waste and eco-friendly materials, but they also have a blog named “Eco Inspo,” where they share tips on all things conscious (and affordable) living. It’s important to know that a company is actually practicing what they preach, and that’s never a worry with Wearth London. Sustainable and trustworthy? Now that’s something we can get behind!

6)Bee’s Wrap

Food gifts are inescapable during the holidays, and whipping up a batch of homemade goodies is more sustainable than buying a plastic-laden gift on Amazon.

That being said, you can take the eco-friendly nature of your gifted food item a step further with Bee’s Wrap.

Made from organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oil, and tree resin, Bee’s Wrap replaces plastic containers that can leach chemicals into your food when heated (not to mention their eventual death in the landfill).

If you’re vegan or abstain from bee products for other reasons, Bee’s Wrap has a dedicated section with vegan food wraps. Last but not least, we just love the assorted packs available from Bee’s Wrap. These packs offer a range of sizes and patterns—perfect if you’re planning on delivering a big batch of cookies or bread to different loved ones.

7)Olsen + Olsen

Olsen + Olsen food wraps are another Beeswax food wrap company, albeit with their own designs and variations. Beeswax food wraps eliminate single-use plastics, like Ziploc bags, but they’re just as water resistant (and more breathable). This family-owned company is committed to creating a food container alternative that’s all-natural and free from plastics and silicone.

Olsen + Olsen’s wrappers come in a range of bright colors and patterns, so there’s truly something for everyone.

We love that this gift wrap itself is a gift because the person can reuse it in their own kitchen once they’ve finished the sweet treat you made for them. These wraps last up to a year, after which they can either be composted or used as a fire starter.

Choosing More Sustainable Gift Wrap

Gifting and opening presents is an essential part of the holiday season, but ordinary wrapping paper simply doesn’t meet sustainability standards. Fortunately, these options make it possible to still participate in the giving season while doing our part for the earth, too.

About the Author

Michelle Polizziis an independent writer and storyteller with 7 years of experience creating content online. Her writing has appeared in leading publications like Bitch, WELL+GOOD, Insider, and Healthline, and she covers topics like sustainable living, mental health, and intersectional feminism. Currently, she's pursuing an MFA in creative writing.



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16 Experience Gift Ideas for a Sustainable Holiday Season

avoid buying stuff with these experience gift ideas

Gift giving has become a staple of the holiday season or any special celebration. As such, this practice has become somewhat unsustainable, largely due to the number of unnecessary items bought. This year, instead of buying physical gifts for others, why not give experiences? In this article, we cover a wide range of experience gift ideas so you can find an eco-friendly gift for anyone, no matter the time of year or celebration.

What Are Experience Gifts?

Experience gifts are gifts that provide experiences instead of something material. These gifts require active participation from the recipient. Experience gifts can provide inspiration, education, and fun.

An experience gift can be anything that you can “do.” If the gift isn’t a physical object, it’s most likely an experience gift. This can look like a ticket to their favorite vacation destination, a cooking class, or membership to their favorite yoga studio.

Why Are Experience Gifts More Sustainable?

As a society, we frequently buy things that we don’t need and are often produced in unsustainable ways. When it comes to gift giving, this can often be a wasteful practice. We tend to buy gifts for people that they didn’t ask for, aren’t needed, and oftentimes, aren’t used.

The corporations producing our favorite gifts, like fashion, beauty, and food brands, are significantenvironmental polluters. Traditional brands use plastic and synthetic materials, don’t pay their workers fair wages and produce unsustainable quantities of products that often end up in the trash.

这可能会比较麻烦,因为我们都想给礼物to celebrate holidays or milestones. Giving gifts to our loved ones is how many of us show we care. What we choose to give, however, can have a major environmental impact. Choosing experience gifts over material items is one of the more sustainable ways to give gifts.

Experience gifts don’t require the production of anything new. The businesses you support for experience gifts are often smaller or local companies, artists, and teachers, and they most likely don’t produce material things.

我们也可以用礼物来提供教育经验ion or a new perspective. Experience gifts not only have a lower environmental impact, but they tend to be thoughtful and personalized, giving your loved ones something that they will truly value and use.

Plus, experience gift ideas can help you spend quality time together. You can book an activity that can be shared with your loved one, or with their family.

Overall, when choosing experience gifts, prioritize locally-run or led options that use sustainable business practices when relevant.

These are Our Top 16 Sustainable Experience Gift Ideas:

1) Get Tickets to a Show or Concert

This is an ideal experience gift for the person in your life who loves the arts.

You can get tickets to the ballet, their favorite artist's upcoming concert, a symphony, a play, or a comedy show.

The options are somewhat endless, with thousands of shows happening throughout the year.

This is a great gift to enjoy together and will give them something to look forward to.

2) Book a Refundable Getaway

A refundable getaway may be the perfect gift If you’re looking for something bigger and more intimate for your partner or family member.

Choose refundable or changeable plane or train tickets and accommodation. This will make it easy to surprise your loved one without having to confirm the travel dates before booking.

This doesn’t have to be a faraway or expensive getaway either.

You can take them camping or on a staycation if a nearby getaway is a better fit.

3) A Guided Outdoor Adventure

For the adrenaline lovers in your life, booking an outdoor experience is the perfect sustainable gift.

Book a guided hike, trek, or climbing experience. Schedule a boat or hot air balloon ride.

To be as sustainable as possible, look for locally-led experiences.

You can find numerous options on platforms likeGet Your GuideandAirbnb.

For bigger tours or treks, support a sustainable tour company likeG Adventures.

4) Create Coupons for Personal Experiences

If you’re looking for budget-friendly experience gift ideas, why not make your own coupons for thoughtful things you can give them? This is a great gift idea for intimate partners, close friends, or immediate family. You could create a coupon for an at-home massage, a home-cooked meal on the night of their choice, a picnic in the park together, or even offer to do all the house chores for a few weeks. Think about your skill set, and their interests, and see what you can create.

You can design the coupon for free, and without paper, on platforms likeCanva.

5) A Travel Gift Card

A gift card to a booking platform is a wonderful gift for the travelers in your life. If you know they like to stay at Airbnbs, or they use a specific booking site to find accommodation, get them a gift card for it.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a gift card for certain airlines, train operators, or car rental companies. Just make sure you’re choosing companies you know they frequently use so that the gift card doesn’t go to waste. This way they can use the gift card when they want and will think of you on their next trip.

6) Do a Beverage or Food Tasting

For the foodies in your life, there’s no better experience gift than food and beverage tastings. If they live locally, you can even do this together. If they don’t live locally, it’s easy to find something in their area that they can enjoy.

Book a wine, beer, or spirit tasting for those who love to drink. You can even book something at a nearby vineyard. Alternatively, you can also find greatcoffeeor tea tastings. When it comes to the foodies, look for a food tasting or food tour you know they’ll love. You can find numerous tastings easily on Airbnb or through a local search.

7) Treat Them to a Dining Experience

This can be a fancy or cost-effective sustainable gift idea.

It’s also a fantastic way to support local businesses and enjoy some quality time.

You can make brunch reservations, or treat them to dinner at a restaurant they’ve been dying to try.

For fine dining lovers, book a tasting menu for a memorable and tasty dining experience.

8) Sign Up for a Class or Workshop

For the forever student, they might love amasterclassor locally led class to develop a new skill or further their education. Whether they are interested in learning how to play guitar, speak a new language, or perfecting Italian cooking, chances are there’s a class for them.

You can also choose a one-day workshop or series that’s less of a commitment. Some fun ideas could be an art class, mixology, floral arrangements,chocolatemaking, essential oil mixing, cooking, or gardening workshops. Browse online booking platforms or search for local teachers to find the perfect fit.

9) Gift a Spa Day

If your loved one is into self-care, or badly needs some rest, a trip to the spa is a great gift. You can either give them a gift card or book them a specific treatment or package.

This could look like a massage, a facial, a wrap, or a mani-pedi if that’s more their style. Some additional rejuvenating treatments include acupuncture, cupping, float session, salt cave treatment, or a day at a bathhouse.

To make this gift more sustainable, prioritize supporting locally owned and run spas or facilities.

10) Get a Park Pass

An annual or seasonal park pass is a wonderful experience gift for your outdoorsy friends. If they love to hike, gift them anannual national park pass. If they’re more into camping, maybe a camping pass would be a better fit. If they love to ski or snowboard, a season pass to their favorite mountain will always be appreciated.

Most state or national parks have a seasonal or annual park pass you can purchase.

Find out what their favorite park is, or where they’ve been dying to visit and gift them a pass.

11) Give a Subscription to their Favorite Platform

There are numerous online services these days that make amazing sustainable experience gifts. Gifting a subscription to a platform they’d love is an easy yet thoughtful gift idea. If they love a certain creator,podcast, or artist, see if they have aPatreonyou can subscribe to on their behalf. If they like meditation, you can get them a subscription to meditation apps likeHeadspaceorInsight Timer. For readers, choose a subscription to their favorite online magazine or anaudiobookapp likeLibro. FM. If they love music and don’t have Spotify Premium, pay for their subscription for a year. If movies are more their thing, sign them up for a streaming platform. There are endless options for subscription services that fit all interests and budgets.

12) Sign Up for a Gym or Studio Membership

Another sustainable experience gift idea is a membership to a studio or gym of their choice. Maybe they love to boulder, go to CrossFit, do yoga, or are interested in taking dance lessons. You can purchase a membership or class package at the fitness studio or gym of their choice.

If your loved one isn’t into a specific workout but wants to get active, sign them up for a flexible membership on platforms likeClassPassor an online studio.

13) Book a Cameo

Cameois a platform that allows you to pay for personalized messages from celebrities and public figures.

If you’re looking for fun experience gift ideas, especially for kids or teens, purchasing a Cameo is a memorable one.

Choose their favorite actor, athlete, or musician and help them craft a message your loved one will never forget.

14) Go to a Game

For sports-obsessed friends and family members, an experience gift they’d probably appreciate is tickets to a sports game.

You can go together, or get them an extra ticket to bring someone of their choice.

Whether it’s football, soccer, or tennis, chances are you can find an upcoming game they’d love.

15) Choose a Cultural Tour

A cultural tour can be an educational and memorable experience gift idea. You can find something for just about any interest, whether it’s a history, street art, architecture, or nature tour.

Find a locally-led tour on a topic you know they’d love for a sustainable experience gift.

This is a great option if your loved one is on the road or has any upcoming travels.

You can find something in their area, no matter where they are.

16. Gift them a Photoshoot

If your loved one has a strong online presence or likes to be in front of the camera, a photoshoot is a fun experience gift idea.

This way you can support local photographers while giving them something they can have forever.

A wonderful place to find local photo shoots is onAirbnb experiences.

Some options include tours or cover certain locations while others can be personalized to suit your friends' interests.

About the Author

Alicia Briggs is a writer & editor specializing in slow travel & sustainable living. She has been a full-time traveler since 2018 and runs her own blog,Learning the Local Way, where she covers responsible travel tips and guides.



我们的品牌目录是数以百计的维持able brands, from makeup to cleaning supplies, from underwear to shoes. We have broken everything down by category for easy shopping, along with discount codes unique to Sustainably Chic viewers.


Sustainable Christmas Decor: 8 DIY Ideas To Try & 14 Brands To Support

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliated, so we may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We only add brands & products we truly believe in.

Eco-Friendly & SUSTAINABLE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS for a green holiday

大多数家庭爱装饰的家园festive season. Christmas decor usually brings extra joy and coziness, and it adds to the warm atmosphere.

However, the majority of decorations we can find are made of plastic and colored using toxic paints, not to mention their very poor quality.

Yes, Americans produce25%more waste than usual between Thanksgiving and the New Year, but it does not mean we should contribute to this problem even more.

We can decorate for Christmas and fill our homes with the spirit of the season without buying wasteful decorations that would quickly end up in a landfill.

With its eight DIY ideas, this article will inspire you to create some sustainable Christmas decor by yourself or with your kids. You will also learn about 14 brands that sell eco-friendly decorations you can feel good about buying this festive season.


The most sustainable Christmas decorations are the ones you already have at home. So if you already have some, reuse them year after year, and try to take good care of them.

但是如果你需要新的装饰,让它自己elements you can find in nature is a great option. You can also find them second-hand or purchase high-quality decorations made from sustainable materials and produced in a fair trade environment.


If you want to create some decorations yourself, use upcycled materials or things from your kitchen, like oranges, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks. You can also go foraging for some natural elements, like pinecones, branches, rosehips, and holly.

But if you prefer to buy them instead, choose decor made of recycled materials or FSC-certified wood. Many sustainable decorations are also made from organic cotton, linen, vintage fabrics, or raffia.


1)Dried Orange Garland

A dried orange garland is a must-have Christmas decoration that you will be able to hang on your tree or your mantel!

To create one, slice a few oranges and use a towel to squeeze out as much juice as possible. Put them in the oven for two hours at 250°F, and once they are baked, leave them on a cooling rack for a few days. Use a needle and a thread to string them together.

If you do not want a garland, you can easily use these orange slices as tree ornaments. Just create a loop with your thread so that you can hang them.

2)Origami Stars

This one is a cool project you can do with kids as a fun family activity: create origami stars for your Christmas tree.

To make it as sustainable as possible, use upcycled paper like scrap paper you do not need, old magazines or maps, or even paper bags. It will give your stars a unique look!

You will first need to cut a pentagon from a square paper. Then, follow the instructions onthis websiteto fold the star.

最后,插入一个字符串that you can hang it on the branches of your tree.

3)Handmade Wreath

If you love hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door for the festive season, why don’t youmake one yourself?

First, try to find some flexible branches in nature to create a wreath base. But if you cannot find any, reuse an old base or purchase one made from willow. Then, cut a few branches from your Christmas tree, layer them up and attach them to the base with wire.

Go foraging for some natural elements from your local environment, like pinecones, holly, laurel, or rosehips, and add them to your wreath. You will end up with a beautiful, sustainable wreath!

4)Candle Jars

Decorate your dining table with a fewcandle jarsin the middle.

They are incredibly easy to make, but they look really beautiful and add to the cozy atmosphere.

Reuse and upcycle a jar from the food you buy, and add a bit of salt at the bottom.

Place a tealight inside, and then, attach a few cinnamon sticks with a string or a ribbon to the outside of the jar.

Instead of cinnamon sticks, you could also tie a little pine branch or a small piece of holly. Finally, light the candle and enjoy your lovely creation!

5)Cinnamon Sticks

Another very easy Christmas decoration you can create usingcinnamon sticksis to turn them into tree ornaments.

Tie the sticks together with a little string and create a loop with it.

Cover the string with an elegant ribbon, and tie it into a bow.

You may have kept a few ribbons from last Christmas, so don’t forget to check before buying any.

And there you have a wonderful tree ornament that not only looks beautiful but also smells incredibly good!

6)Denim Tree Ornaments

If you have an old pair of worn-out jeans in your closet, do not get rid of it! Denim fabric is extremely durable and versatile so it would be a shame not to reuse it.

If you can sew, use them to create smallChristmas tree ornaments. Start by cutting out two little triangles from your fabric, and hand-stitch a variety of stars all over them.

Stitch the two triangles together without forgetting to add cushion stuffing inside, or even better, some fabric from a worn-out piece of clothing to make it more sustainable. Finally, create a loop with a thread, and hang it on your tree.

7)Small Christmas Tree Made from Upcycled Materials

If you have a pile of old paper bags that you have somehow accumulated over the years, this DIY is for you! With a simple cereal box, a few paper bags and hot glue, you can craft a rustic-looking Christmas tree. Follow the steps explained onthis website: you will need to cut a few pieces of cardboard, crimp paper strips in your fist before twisting them, and glue everything together. In the end, you will have a unique Christmas tree entirely made out of upcycled materials. It should be around 13 inches high, ideal for displaying on a mantel, a bookshelf or a dining table!

8)Christmas Table Centerpiece

Spruce up your dining table by adding awonderful centerpiecethat you made yourself. You can easily create one using a recycled tin can and some freshly cut branches you found in nature.

Reuse a tin can from the food you eat, and fill it with a bit of sand and water. The wet sand will provide moisture to the fresh cuttings and will help keep everything in place.

Then, go foraging for some evergreen branches with pinecones, and arrange them in the tin can. Dress up the can with a piece of burlap, tie it with twine or a nice ribbon, and voilà!


1)Fair Trade Winds

Categories: Ornaments, Garlands, Lanterns, Candles

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Fair Trade Winds sells sustainable clothes and home goods that are all fairly traded and handmade.

The brand has numerous Christmas tree ornaments, including cute animals and wooden angels.

You can also find a hand-felted Nativity scene set, all kinds of colorful garlands, and a beautiful advent calendar.

Fair Trade Winds even has some metal lanterns as well as soy wax candles with a cinnamon, clove and orange scent to add a festive atmosphere to your home.

2)The Citizenry

Categories: Tree Skirts, Ornaments, Stockings, Candle Holders

The Citizenry’s home goods are all made with a fair trade process guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organization. It has a few Christmas decorations that are all beautifully handcrafted by artisans from all over the world.

The brand sells a set of threeornamentsmade of polished brass. Ideal to elevate any tree, their geometric shapes blend minimal design with timeless style.

The Citizenry also offers an organic cottonstockingdyed with natural indigo, as well as twotree skirtsmade of 100% organic cotton, or linen and cotton.

3)Friendsheep Wool

Categories: Ornaments, Garlands

Friendsheep Wool is on a mission to help consumers ditch single-use dryer sheets and synthetic fresheners, and offers great reusable, plastic-free alternatives - and besides their line of non-toxic fresheners, they offer holiday decos, too!

Friendsheep Wool’s garland is made of organic wool by disabled women in Nepal.

Dyed with non-toxic, azo-free dyes, its stunning colors will remind you of a starry night sky.

You can also pick some of the brand’s ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree. If you love animals, you are lucky: it has some adorable dogs, reindeer, bears, and sheep!

Friendsheep Wool is a member of 1% For The Planet. It also plants one tree for every item sold and offsets the carbon emissions from all the shipments throughout its supply chain.

4)Made Trade

Categories: Stockings, Garlands, Ornaments

Made Trade is a climate-neutral certified online store that only curates ethically made products sold by eco-conscious brands.

The store has a large selection of colorfulornamentsto hang on your Christmas tree. From tiny basket ornaments where you can hide a small treasure to classic Christmas balls, Made Trade has you covered. It also sells stripedstockingsavailable in blue, white and black, all made from naturally dyed cotton.

Made Trade even has some coolgarlandsmade using raffia and banana fiber, or organic cotton.

5)Ten Thousand Villages

Categories: Garlands, Ornaments, Tree Toppers, Nativity Scenes

Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade brand making all kinds of handcrafted products for everyday life.

It works with artisan communities from all over the world.

The brand sells a lot of Christmas decorations, including Nativity scenes, tree ornaments, tree toppers and garlands, all made using sustainable materials.

For instance, Ten Thousand Villages has astunning garlandmade from natural palm leaf, featuring little gold and silver stars. You will also fall in love with itsnativity scenehand-carved in a coconut shell by disabled people in Cambodia.

6)Will & Atlas

Categories: Stockings, Bunting

Will & Atlas is a sustainable brand creating fair trade, artisanal home goods and accessories, including baskets, rugs and bags.

The brand sells a handwoven cotton bunting that you can hang on the wall or your mantel during the festive season.

Featuring black or blue stripes, it will bring a whimsical touch to your space.

Will & Atlas also creates handwoven stockings made of natural cotton.

With their neutral tones and striped detailing, they exude modern simplicity and will complement any decor in your home.

7)Wee Gallery

Categories: Ornaments, Advent Calendars, Stockings

Wee Gallery is the perfect sustainable shop if you are looking for toys, books and decor for children, and it donates a portion of its annual profits to fund reforestation efforts.

The brand designs all its products in black and white, but it makes its holiday decor even more unique. You can choose between eight different stockings made from organic cotton canvas with printed animals on them.

Wee Gallery also has two advent calendars, fun lacing ornaments, and a miniature woodland village crafted from bamboo.

8)Kazi Goods

Categories: Ornaments, Garlands, Baskets

Kazi Goods creates fair trade home goods using responsibly harvested native plant fibers and organic dyes. Its pieces are brought to life by talented artisan women in Africa.

The company has a very large selection of Christmas tree ornaments that include animals, rainbows, and tiny baskets.

To add a pop of color to your home, you can also pick one of Kazi’s vibrant, boho-inspired garlands.

You will love the brand’s handwoven bowls and baskets: their festive patterns make them the perfect pieces to stage gifts under your tree!

9)Azizi Life

Categories: Garlands, Ornaments, Wooden Decor

Azizi Life is a fair trade, non-profit organization working with Rwandan artisans to bring handcrafted home goods to the world. Each item is made using renewable, local, and natural materials.

You can support this amazing brand by buying one of its beautiful hand-carved wooden ornaments. Its sisal tassel garlands will spice up your holiday decor, whether you choose to string them along a window or around your tree.

Azizi Life also creates wooden Nativity scene sets and handwoven baskets that feature green, red and white tassels with gold detailing.


Categories: Stocking, Ornaments, Tree Skirts

Anchal is a non-profit that makes colorful, fair trade home decor blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

The brand offers several stockings, each featuring a unique design and two playful pom poms.

Made from organic cotton or upcycled vintage fabrics, each model includes a hand-stitched signature of its maker.

Anchal also has different ornaments in the shape of stars, hearts and trees, as well as an elegant black and ivory tree skirt, made of organic cotton. This quilt-inspired skirt will take your tree decor to the next level!


Categories: Candles

Amante is a lifestyle brand that sells all kinds of home goods, including baskets and home textiles. And to decorate for the holidays, they have wonderful candles that will add warmth and ambiance to your space.

The company’s holiday soy candles are handmade in Chicago using 100% American-grown soy wax. They are available in a variety of scents that will make you think you are walking through a snow-covered pine forest.

We also recommend Amante’s tapered candles, sold in many muted colors. Crafted in Maine, these candles are hand-dipped using a traditional Danish technique.

12)Creative Women

Categories: Ornaments

Creative Women, a member of the Fair Trade Federation, brings together time-honored processes, talented artisan women and the finest natural fibers to design beautiful products meant to embellish our homes.

The brand offers two beautifully crafted ornaments for your Christmas tree: Glass Bulbs & Glass Jewels. These ornaments represent hours of work and generations of glass-making heritage.

Each one is hand blown in India using traditional techniques. Find them in red and silver.

13)Swahili African Modern

Categories: Ornaments, Figurines, Nativity Scenes

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Swahili African Modern works with artisans in Africa to bring you fairly traded, handcrafted baskets, decor and accessories.

The brand has an incredible selection oftree ornaments, many of which are made by refugees.

The collection consists of knitted or beaded animals, colorful dolls, geometric ornaments, and it even has a wooden Noah’s ark.

Swahili African Modern also makes Christmas-themedfigurinesandNativity setsmade using unique materials like wood, soapstone, banana fiber, or papier mâché.

14)Village Thrive

Categories: Garlands, Ornaments

Village Thrive sells ethically made home goods that are handcrafted by artisans in Bali, combining modern designs with traditional crafts.

The brand offers differentgarlandsthat are very versatile and can be used for Christmas as well as other occasions, like birthdays.

Made from raffia or organic cotton, the garlands feature tassels, little rainbows, wooden beads, or pom poms.

You can also choose Village Thrive’s beautiful macrame garland andornaments, all handwoven by single women. The materials are all sustainably and locally sourced from the island.

About the Author

Eva Astoul is a French freelance writer, specializing in content related to sustainability, simple living, and a growth-focused healthy lifestyle. She runs her own blog,Green With Less, to inspire people to live a more minimalist and sustainable life.



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The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Christmas Trees

A Guide to Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Christmas Trees

Having a Christmas tree for the festive season is a tradition that dates back to the15th century. It all started in present-day Germany, but as centuries passed, it became widespread all across Europe. The tradition was later exported to the United States in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Still to this day, most families who celebrate Christmas love having a decorated tree in their homes during the holidays. But now that we can choose between real and artificial trees, many people wonder which option is better for the planet.

For the longest time, I thought that fake Christmas trees were more eco-friendly as I believed it was bad to chop down trees to enjoy them for just a few weeks. Was I right? Read on to find out!

In this article, you will learn about how sustainable both real and artificial trees are, and how you can minimize the environmental footprint of your tree whichever you choose to have.

How sustainable are real, natural Christmas trees?

The environmental benefits of real Christmas trees

Trees are some of the most important resources we have on our planet: they help combat climate change and come with many benefits for ecosystems and wildlife. But does that mean that cutting down a tree to enjoy it for a few weeks at most is bad? Not really.

According toAnne Mari Cobbfrom the Soil Association Forestry, the majority of Christmas trees are grown as horticultural crops and are not sourced from pre-existing forests. It means that by picking a real tree for the holiday season, you are not contributing to deforestation and habitat loss.

Buying a Christmas tree from a properly managed farm can even help support forests, wildlife, and ecosystems. In fact, out of the 350 to 500 million Christmas trees growing on farms in the United States, only30 millionof them are harvested each year. So for each tree that is cut for the holidays, there are more than 10 times as many trees left standing on the farms.

What’s even better is that every time someone purchases a real Christmas tree, farms plant one to three seedlings in its place. As a result, when you buy a real tree, you are financially supporting those farms and helping them maintain forests.

These forests are vital for countless species that depend on them to survive, like mammals, birds, and insects. They also provide many benefits to the local environment as they help purify the air and groundwater and theystabilize the soil.

Trees alsoabsorb CO2and remove it from the atmosphere: it is estimated that Christmas tree farms in the US sequester around35 million tonsof carbon dioxide per year. This number is equivalent to the amount of CO2 generated to provide electricity to three million people for a year!

Another great thing about real Christmas trees is that they are entirely biodegradable and can be recycled when we no longer want them. For instance, trees can bechipped and used as mulchin parks and gardens. They can even be used as bird nesting grounds or fish habitats, and they are great for preserving freshwater marshes and preventing beach erosion.

But there are issues we cannot ignore

As with most mass-produced crops, the majority of Christmas trees are heavily treated and sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers during their growing phase.

63%of Christmas trees produced in the United States are grown in six states (Oregon, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas). In these six states alone, trees are sprayed with around 270,000 pounds of pesticides every single year.

Not only is the quantity of pesticides used astronomical, but most of those pesticides are also highly toxic to human health, wildlife and ecosystems. Farmers are exposed to high levels of chemicals, which may lead to serious health issues in the long run.

Pesticides and fertilizers also end up in the soil, groundwater, and nearby waterways. Over time, this can causeeutrophication, a process by which a body of water contains too many inorganic nutrients. As the quality of water deteriorates, eutrophication can create dead zones where aquatic fauna and flora cannot survive.

Another issue is that Christmas tree farms rely on hugepetroleum-driven equipmentto harvest their trees. Since the farms are incredibly massive and contain very few roads, the harvested trees are oftenhelicoptered out of the fields.

Then, machines are used to wrap them in twine, and the Christmas trees are loaded onto trucks and trains to be shipped to distribution centers around the country. Some farms use refrigerated trucks or containers, which have an even bigger environmental footprint.

Finally, according to theCarbon Trust, the carbon footprint of a natural, 2-meter-tall Christmas tree that is sent to a landfill is 16kg of CO2. This is 80% more than if the tree is replanted or chipped to be reused in the garden (around 3.5kg of CO2).

And the issue is that, after the holiday season, a large portion of (natural) Christmas trees are discarded in landfills. Plus, when a tree decomposes in a landfill, it releases greenhouse gas emissions, including methane which is more than25 timesas potent as CO2 at trapping heat in the atmosphere, thus contributing to global warming.

Are artificial trees better for the environment?

In the United States, around 10 million fake Christmas trees are bought every year for the holidays. But are they more eco-friendly than real trees?

The main benefit of artificial trees is that they can be reused for many years, if not decades if stored and taken care of properly. And the longer we keep and use them, the more their environmental impact is reduced.

However, we need to take into account the fact that their total environmental footprint is substantial and we cannot ignore it.

Most fake Christmas trees are made from metal andpolyvinyl chloride(also known as PVC), a type of plastic that can contain harmful substances like lead and other toxins. During its whole life cycle, PVC causesserious problemsfor human health as well as the environment.

To produce PVC, manufacturers use a lot of chlorine, which contributes to thedepletion of the ozone layerand is the building block of many environmental issues.

Producing PVC also creates dioxin, apersistent organic pollutantthat accumulates and stays in the environment for long periods of time. It is believed to be one of themost toxic chemicalswe can find.

But that is not all: PVC is also made from petroleum. The oil industry is one of the least sustainable in the world, massively contributing to water, air, and soil pollution as well asglobal warming.

We should also take into consideration where artificial Christmas trees are manufactured: around80%of them are produced in China, where electricity is usually generated by burning one of the most polluting fuel sources, coal. Once they are made, they are then shipped across the world in diesel-fuel-powered ships to reach their final markets.

So both the production and transportation processes generate huge quantities of CO2 emissions. In total, it is estimated that a two-meter fake Christmas tree has a carbon footprint of around40kgof greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, an issue we should not ignore when it comes to artificial trees is that even though they can be reused many times, the average family keeps them for aboutfive to six years. Plus, according to a 2017 survey,14% of peoplesaid that they prefer discarding their fake tree after only one use.

Because of the materials artificial trees are made from, they cannot be recycled or composted. As a result, those that are thrown awayend up in a landfillwhere they will stay for hundreds of years. In the meantime, they will shed tiny particles of plastic that will pollute the nearby environment and be ingested by local wildlife.

So, should you buy a real or a fake Christmas tree?

这个问题并不简单。有积极的nd negatives on both sides, whether you choose a natural or a fake Christmas tree. Choosing the more sustainable option will depend on your lifestyle, your circumstances, and what is available to you.

如果我们仔细看看这些数字,我们可以e that artificial Christmas trees have a carbon footprint that is 2.5 times larger than that of a real tree discarded in a landfill. But if the natural tree is recycled into mulch or burned (not sent to landfills), the carbon footprint of a fake tree is10 times bigger.

In other words, an artificial Christmas tree is a more eco-friendly option if it will be reused for at least 10 holiday seasons compared to if you were to buy a commercially grown tree every year.

To sum up, a real tree has a lower environmental footprint per holiday season, but the longer a fake tree is reused, the more its impact is reduced.

然而,我们也需要考虑ividual situations. If you already have an artificial Christmas tree, it makes more sense to keep reusing it year after year instead of buying a natural one.

But if you do not already have a fake tree, it might be more sustainable to buy a real one if you have access to locally grown trees nearby and you can recycle it after Christmas. On the other hand, if you live in a tropical climate, choosing a real tree might not be the best option as it would need to be shipped halfway across the world to arrive in your home.

Also, ask yourself if you have the space to store an artificial tree in your home. If you live in a tiny apartment with no storage space, a fake tree might not be practical and you may prefer a small natural one.

Finally, would you be able to recycle or dispose of a natural tree responsibly? If you cannot burn or compost it, and your city does not offer to take them back to recycle them, you should probably go for an artificial tree. But only if you commit to reusing it season after season.

Helpful tips for a more sustainable Christmas tree

In the end, whether you choose to buy a fake or a real tree for the holidays, there are different things you can do to help reduce the environmental footprint of your Christmas tree.

How to make your artificial tree more eco-friendly?

Since fake trees have a significant environmental footprint if only used once, the best thing you can do if you choose to buy an artificial tree or if you already have one is to reuse it for as many years as possible.

So try to take good care of it and make sure to store it properly when not in use. Commit to using it for many years, ideally decades. Even better, pass it down to the next generation. This will drastically reduce its environmental impact!

To be able to reuse it for many years, invest in a high-quality tree that will stand the test of time, and that you will be able to repair if it breaks.

If you can find an artificial tree second-hand, it is even better as no new tree has to be produced and you are giving a new life to a pre-loved one. From thrift stores to online marketplaces, there are many places where you can buy a used Christmas tree.

If you cannot find a second-hand tree, you could choose a new tree that is made with recycled materials or wood. These are less common than plastic trees, but they are a lot more unique (and sustainable)!

You could even build one yourself using natural materials or upcycled elements you can find in nature, like branches and pine cones. This would be a super fun project if you love being creative, so check Pinterest for DIY Christmas tree ideas.

How to choose a more sustainable, natural tree?

If you and your family prefer a real tree to a fake one, there are also many things you can do to make it more eco-friendly.

例如,你可以买一个still-living treethat still has the root ball attached and replant it once the holidays are over. Of course, this only applies if you live in an appropriate climate and have a garden. But it is a great option because the tree will be able to continue to provide fresh air and a home for wildlife for many more years.

Similarly, if you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can buy apotted treethat you will be able to bring inside for the holidays and leave outside for the rest of the year.

Another sustainable option is to choose a Christmas tree grown on an organic farm. Organic farms do not spray pesticides and other harmful chemicals on their trees, so it is a lot better for the environment.

Unfortunately, onlyone-tenthof the 30 million real trees sold every year in the United States are organic or certified natural. So it is more complicated to find organic trees, but it is definitely possible.

So check if there is an organic tree farm in your local area, you never know! But if organic trees are not available to you, try to find ones that are FSC-certified, or at least, grown locally.

Some companies also allow us torent a treefor the festive season. After Christmas, they take it back and replant it until the following year. The tree can be re-rented forseven yearson average, and after that, it will be planted for good so that it can continue to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Finally, make sure to always dispose of your tree in a responsible way, and do not send it to a landfill. There are more than4,000local Christmas tree recycling programs in the United States, so check if your city offers to take your tree back.

You can also compost it, or chip it and use it as mulch in your garden. And, you can even chop it into firewood so that it can heat your home during the winter.


Both real and artificial Christmas trees have a negative impact on the planet, though natural ones also seem to benefit the local environment.

Real trees have a much smaller carbon footprint per season, but if an artificial tree is used year after year, for more than a decade, it becomes more sustainable than its natural counterpart.

No matter which tree you decide to choose for Christmas, there are different things you can do to make your tree more sustainable. That way, you can feel about your choice and enjoy the holiday season even more!

About the Author

Eva Astoul is a French freelance writer, specializing in content related to sustainability, simple living, and a growth-focused healthy lifestyle. She runs her own blog,Green With Less, to inspire people to live a more minimalist and sustainable life.



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