The Best Sustainable Throw Pillows for a Cozy Home

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Throw Pillows

Our home is an extension of ourselves and our beliefs so when you are looking to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, naturally, you want to incorporate sustainable pieces whenever and wherever possible. Often overlooked parts of the home are accent pieces like throw pillows. However, it is worthwhile not to skip over this part of your home decor. For decor or comfort, adding in sustainable throw pillows will elevate your space in a way you can feel good about.
If you are looking to decorate your space, check out why sustainable throw pillows matter and 10 brands for the best eco-friendly throw pillows to accent any room.

Why do sustainable throw pillows matter?

Throw pillows or accent pillows are often made with synthetic materials, which are not eco-friendly. This also means these fabrics are treated with chemicals like formaldehyde. If you are using these pillows around your home, and you or your children are laying on them, you want to know they are safe. You don’t want to look around your home wondering if there are hidden toxins or if there were poor labor conditions required to decorate your home.

What materials are sustainable throw pillows made from?

When shopping for sustainable throw pillows, you will want to look for fabrics like cotton or linen. These natural materials are known for being eco-friendly and if you can find organic cotton, that is even better. Cotton is usually treated with chemicals so to ensure the least amount of contaminants possible, organic cotton is usually best. If an item isn’t listed as organic, Oeko-Tex certification is another label to look for. This certification is one of the world's best-known labels recognizing textiles tested for harmful substances.

how to shop for sustainable throw pillows

家居装饰往往是销售季节性脓h to buy new and buy more every few months. One way to reduce consumption is to purchase throw pillow covers so you only have to switch out the cover, not the whole pillow. This is also a great way to save on storage space! Since throw pillows are made from textiles, which is an industry know to treat labor workers poorly, look for companies that are Fair Trade Certified. If not certified Fair Trade, there are still companies that care about the artisans they work with and develop partnerships to ensure they are paid well and in safe work conditions. A quick search of a company’s website should reflect this as it is something many companies are proud of and important to their brand values and mission. From living room to reading nook, if you’re looking for a way to spruce up a room or cozy up your space, these sustainable throw pillow options offer something for everyone!

our favorite places to find sustainable throw pillows:


If you love bold geometric patterns and color, you will absolutely fall in love with Anchal's throw pillows. A nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women, Anchal uses several sustainable fabrics in their collection, including GOTS cotton. Made by an Artisan in Ajmer, India, theMulti-Check Pillowshown here is Fair Trade Verified and features hand-embroidered Kantha stitching. They also offer lumbar size pillows to complete your look.

2)Shades of Green

Shades of Green provides a modern and cozy aesthetic without compromising sustainable practices. All their products are evaluated on a “green” scale and undergo rigorous evaluation to ensure full transparency. Each handmade piece helps preserve and support rural artisan communities. All of the Shades of Green packaging is also recyclable and sustainable. The textures and natural color palettes of their throw pillows will complement any room!

3)The Citizenry

Thoughtfully designed, ethically crafted, and globally inspired is the mission for The Citizenry. They have direct partnerships with the artisans so they can offer the highest quality products without the highest price tag since there is no middleman and less overhead cost. They pride themselves on producing in small batches and supporting their artisans to grow their businesses with grants and fair wages. With a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors, if you are looking for a new accent pillow for your space, The Citizenry offers beautiful options in a blend of textures and natural tones.


Coyuchi品牌致力于人,organically grown, and designed with intent. All of their cotton is organic and GOTS certified. They also value regenerative agriculture and partner with White Buffalo Land Trust to pave the way for better global farming practices. Coyuchi also upholds conscious processing and offers circular initiatives and reusable packaging while offering a transparent supply chain for workers and the products. The throw pillow covers and inserts from Coyuchi are all made with organic materials. The calming neutral hues will add a grounding warmth to your room.

4)West Elm

West Elm makes it easy to shop by conscious values, which is super convenient as a conscious consumer. West Elm is FSC-Certified, GREENGUARD certified, Better Cotton certified, and currently 60% of product sales support at least one of the sustainability initiatives. They partner with their artisans, support small businesses, and are a part of Fair Trade USA. Since West Elm is a larger retailer they offer dozens of styles, colors, and textures that will suit any style and home.


Minna collaborates with artisans based in Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Bolivia. These partnerships provide fair wages and safe working conditions for workers. All handmade pieces are made from thoughtful production using sustainable materials, factories, and small-batch productions to ensure the highest quality goods. Minna is very transparent about how they manage placing orders sustainably, their payment process and shows the care they take for their artisans. They also honor the traditional techniques created from years of expertise of the craft and collaborate to create the designs. Utilizing organic, recycled, and conventional materials, all the pieces are thoughtfully curated. Minna throw pillows are created to bring a welcoming and cozy ambiance to your space!

6)California Cotton

在Ca加利福尼亚棉是一种家庭业务lifornia that is Fair Trade Certified and GOTS Certified. They only use organic cotton for their products and strive to source the strongest yet softest cotton. California Cotton also strives to make an impact locally by supporting Lava Mae with every purchase made. Lava Mae is a nonprofit focused on supporting the unhoused community in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. California Cotton offers minimalist modern bedding with a taste of west coast flair.


Parachute is a women-owned company that is known for high-quality essentials Their materials are all Oeko-Tex certified so you don’t have to worry about harmful contaminants. For their bedding products, they work with family-owned factories in Portugal, or some basics are made in America. The clean, modern aesthetic from Parachute derives from thoughtful design and versatility. You can purchase pillow covers and inserts separately.

8)Made Trade

Made Trade is always a one-stop-shop for ethical home goods. As a women-owned and family-run company, shopping sustainably is easy. You can sort by specific values, like POC owned, Fair Trade, and Vegan. Made Trade is Climate Neutral certified, Fair Trade certified, and donates to 1% For The Planet. Since Made Trade sources from multiple brands, there is a style for everyone from bold and graphic to modern and neutral. They offer sustainable throw pillow covers and inserts.

9)Soil to Studio

The Soil to Studio mission is to empower the families behind the craft, preserve local craftsmanship and continue to create sustainable livelihoods. All artisans set their own wages and fair trade practices remain at the core of their partnership. The handmade pieces from Soil to Studio are unique and made from weaving, block printing, embroidery, and other time-honored techniques. The charming patterns provide the promised “quiet luxury” that is sure to brighten your space. You can buy Soil to Studio throw pillows with or without the inserts.


Zuahaza translates to “my sister” and they embody collective sisterhood. This women created and led company strives to connect women from across Colombia to create unique products that reflect our diversity, history and dreams. Created with organic cotton, natural dyes and handmade by Colombian artisans, Zuahaza values culture and craft.The Zuahaza throw pillows offer cozy and colorful designs that represent the lively Colombia culture.

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