8 Sustainable Size Inclusive Swimwear Brands For Fun Under the Sun

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The Best Size Inclusive Swimwear brands that are also Sustainable!

With summer right around the corner, you may be looking for a newsustainable swimsuit. Swimsuits should make us feel confident and comfortable. They should be made to fit our bodies - not the other way around. Unfortunately, many sustainable swimwear companies don’t offer inclusive sizing. This makes it incredibly difficult for women of all shapes and sizes to shop sustainably. That’s why we’re here to help. Below, I’ve put together ten fantastic, size inclusive swimwear brands you’ll love.

What Makes Swimwear Size Inclusive?

Size inclusive swimwear is simply swimwear that goes beyond straight sizes. This means the swimsuit is offered in sizes above XL or a women’s size 14/16.

If a swimwear brand is size inclusive, they aren’t making a separate “plus-size” line. They simply offer all of their products in a wider range of sizes. This ensures that most bodies have access to the same styles, fits, and coverage - no matter their size.

All of the brands included in this article are size inclusive. I’ve also chosen brands that offer a range of price points to ensure that there are accessible options available.

What Should You Look For In Sustainable Swimwear?

When it comes to figuring out if a swimwear company is indeed sustainable, there are a few things you should look out for.Sustainable brandswill use ethical labor, sustainable production methods, and eco-friendly materials.

So what exactly makes a fabric sustainable? Sustainable swimwear can be made from a variety of eco-friendly fabrics, but they are typically made using recycled materials. Most sustainable swimwear will still have a small percentage of synthetic fibers. The majority of materials used, however, should be from recycled, regenerated, or natural sources. Sustainable companies should note what fabrics and fibers they use.

The most commonly used materials in sustainable swimwear are:

Now, Our Top Picks for Size Inclusive Sustainable Swimwear:

1)Kitty and Vibe

Materials:回收聚酯, Xtra Life Lycra

Prices: $14-$58 USD

Sizes: Up to 3XL bottoms, Up to Size G in Tops

This awesome sustainable swimwear company designs fun, playful, bold prints.

Kitty & Vibe has a variety of styles, both cheeky and full coverage.

They even offer differentcup sizesin their tops. This ensures the perfect fit for up to a G cup. Each swimsuit also has SPF 50+ protection.

What’s truly unique about Kitty and Vibe, however, is that they offer two different butt sizes for each hip size. You can find out which size is the best fit for you through their easyFit Quiz.



Prices: $49-$99 USD

Sizes: Up to 6X

Tomboy is an awesome and unique sustainable swimwear company. Female founded and run, Tomboy has designed a variety of swimsuits that truly fit different bodies and styles. As such, they have uni suits, boardshorts, swimsuits, swim tanks, and swim shorts. Each piece is offered in different creative patterns with full coverage options.

Tomboy swimsuits are made from quick-drying,OEKO-TEX certifiedfabric with UV protection. They fit-test their items to ensure correct and comfortable sizing. Everything is produced in socially responsible factories and they are in the process of achievingB Corp certification. Even better, they have a great line of size inclusive underwear you may also love. You have an entire sustainable clothing line worth checking out.

3)Girlfriend Collective

Materials: ECONYL

Prices: $15-$88 USD

Sizes: 6 xl

One of my favorite companies, The Girlfriend Collective, has a wonderful small selection of size inclusive swimwear.

Their one and two pieces come in comfy and classic styles. They offer both fun and neutral colors. Each swimsuit is made from recycled fishing nets, uses eco-friendly dye, and has UPF 50+ protection.

I love that The Girlfriend Collective is dedicated to designing clothes that fit a variety of bodies. They have a detailed fit description for each item and use models with different body types. For each purchase you make, the Girlfriend Collective gives back 1% toHealthy Seas. Don’t forget to check out their collection ofsustainable activewearwhile you’re shopping around.



Prices: $46-$119 USD

Sizes: Up to 5XL

Londre is a beautiful woman-owned and founded company. Their size-inclusive swimwear is made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Each swimsuit uses at least six plastic bottles, salvaged from the ocean.

Their lovely swimwear comes in a variety of feminine styles and coverage options.

For each purchase you make, Londre plants baby coral in Baja California. They manufacture in OEKO-TEX 100 certified factories where they reuse their water in a closed-loop process. Londre also provides a recycling program that repurposes your old swimwear. Not to mention, they give you a 15% discount on your next purchase when you use it.


Materials: Recycled Polyamide

Prices: $45-$145 USD

Sizes: 2 xl

Summersalt producesaffordable, sustainableswimwear in a variety of styles. They have so many great options available in up to 2XL. Their swimsuits are made from recycled materials and offer UPF 50 protection.

In order to design the perfect fit, they’ve taken measurements from over 10,000 “real women.”

They indicate if a piece is best for a long or short torso, as well as the amount of butt coverage, boob support, and compression. This makes it easy to feel confident and comfortable in their swimwear. Additionally, they have an entire sustainable clothing line that’s worth checking out.

6)Bold Swim

Materials: Amni Soul ECO

Prices: $75- $195 USD

Sizes: up to 2XL

One of my favorite sustainable swimwear companies is BOLD Swim. Their founder, Tiffany Asamoah, chose to create BOLD because she couldn’t find any sustainable swimwear options that made her feel sexy and comfortable in her body. BOLD Swim produces small-batch collections and each design is meant to be worn in a variety of ways.

每天晚上,泳池健身房,这些风格基于“增大化现实”技术e perfect for all occasions. Each piece has a fit and coverage indicator so you can easily find your ideal size. From their packaging to their swimwear, everything BOLD makes is from recycled andbiodegradable materials.

7)Vitamin A

Materials: Plant-Based Fibers, Recycled Nylon

Prices: $43-$180 USD

Sizes: up to 2XL

If you’re looking for a truly sexy swimsuit, then Vitamin A is the place for you.

While they don’t have as wide of a size range as the other brands on this list, their designs are amazing for up to XXL.

At Vitamin A, you’ll find leggings, bike shorts, two and one-pieces, all ready for the water.

Each swimsuit has a support range indicated as well as an eco-friendly impact index. Vitamin A uses a variety ofsustainable fabrics. Their EcoRib, EcoLux, and EcoTex fabrics are all made from recycled nylon but offer different textures. They even have a few eco-friendly metallic fabrics.

8)Dazey LA

Materials: Recycled Cotton, Polyester

Prices: $10-$82 USD

Sizes: 2 xl

Another personal favorite of mine, Dazey LA, is first and foremost wearable art.

手绘打印这woman-owned公司特性s designed by the founder.

Each item is handmade in LA. They are a slow fashion company that launches four seasonal collections a year.

The Dazey LA swimwear line features bold, almost retro-like prints and styles. You’ll find both high and low waist options with mid to full coverage. Dazey-LA recently switched to a made-to-order model in order to eliminate any product waste.

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