10 Sustainable Luggage Brands for Eco-Friendly Travel

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The best Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Luggage Brands

Looking for a new suitcase for your next trip?

You’re in luck, because with these 10 brands, you will be flying the skies in eco-friendly style.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Sustainable Suitcase

As people are becoming more and more conscious about their impact on the planet, many have started making minor changes to become more sustainable. For instance, many have been trying to reduce their environmental footprint while traveling internationally or in their own country. A small way you can start is with your suitcase! Of course, the most sustainable option is the one you already own or possibly borrowing from a friend or finding secondhand, but if you need a new suitcase, these are some of the things we look for. Quality will be our priority because luggage goes through a lot during your travels, and you want it to last. The next would be the materials - we like to see recycled materials and avoid virgin plastics as much as possible. We’d also like to note that not all of these brands are what we would consider sustainable overall. Still, we appreciate their direction and the fact that they offer better options to a larger group of people.

Our Top Picks for Sustainable Suitcases & Luggage:


Carry-On Price |$350+

Paravel是一个可持续bob网app的旅游品牌,致力于exploring the world while minimizing our impact on it. They make one of the most sustainable carry-ons with a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior; recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles; vegan leather details and wrapped steel handles; and an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle. I own one, and it really is a nice piece of luggage!

2)Eagle Creek

Carry-On Price |$249+

Eagle Creek has been around for more than 40 years and has picked up many travel insights, tips, and tricks along the way, so they know how to create that perfect bag. You can also find this luggage brand at REI, a store I trust when it comes to both quality & ethical production. Eagle Creek uses recycled materials in several designs, and they have an in-house repair center to keep your bags out of a landfill.


Carry-On Price |$359+

This brand is perfect for the adventurer! Their line of wheeled duffle bags would make a great travel companion for those who love to see the world. They are made with burly recycled polyester ripstop, a highly weather-resistant TPU-film laminate, and a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish. The designs come in a few different colors, and, as always with Patagonia, everything is manufactured ethically.


Carry-On Price |$144+

Seeing a well-known luggage brand try its hand at an eco-friendly alternative is refreshing to find. Samsonite has an extensive collection of carry-ons made from an eco-friendly material called Recyclex® (100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles). We’ve made sure to link up to their ‘eco-friendly luggage’ since not all of their luggage uses these materials.


Carry-On Price |$275+

这个我dea is just too cool! The Carry-On & Check-In Closet suitcases have a built-in shelving system to keep you organized on your trips. It’s definitely something unique the other brands do not have.

Plus, for every item sold, Solgaard will remove 5 lbs of plastic waste from the oceans. They’ve also made their first-ever fully recycled backpack.


Carry-On Price |$695+

This collection from Tumi is made from Recycled Polycarbonate, a lightweight, flexible and resilient choice for hardside cases. This brand is well-known for its high-quality suitcases - great for frequent flyers - which is why their price is much higher than other brands listed. However, many customers have said the price is well worth it.

7)Solo NY

Carry-On Price |$140+

Like Samsonite, not all of Solo’s luggage is made from eco-friendly materials, but we made sure to link up to the ones we love. They are also a more accessible price point if you don’t have the money to splurge on one of the other brands. However, even with the lower price point, they have wonderful reviews!


Carry-On Price |$550+

你是否想要支持美国制造吗?这个我s one of the few luggage brands we have found that manufactures all their suitcases in Georgia. What’s even more special, you can customize the colors of your suitcase (from the shell to the zipper to the wheels!!!), making it perfectly unique to you.

9)Lo & Sons

Weekender Price |$140

If you don’t need an actual suitcase and prefer something lighter, the Weekender and Duffles from Lo & Sons may be the right fit. Just make sure to look for their colors associated with the 600D Recycled Poly or Organic Cotton, so you are choosing a more eco-friendly material. If you need a bag with water resistance and extra durability, I suggest recycled poly, and if you prefer a more natural look, organic cotton is more your speed.


Weekender Duffle Price |$140

We love Anchal’s unique designs and how they combine traditional kantha quilting techniques with contemporary geometric designs and visible stitching patterns. Anchal is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, so everything they carry is made by artisans who are paid living wages for their work. Not only that, but everything is made out of GOTS certified organic cotton as well. And if the rainbow isn’t your thing, they also have more neutral designs likethis black one.



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