These 16 Sustainable Brands Offer the Chance to Buy Now, Pay Later

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Sustainable Clothing Brands With Payment Plans

Supporting sustainable brands and investing in high-quality wardrobe staples inevitably costs money. Yet sometimes we don’t always have room in the budget when it’s time to buy a necessary item of clothing. Payment plans, or “Buy now, Pay Later,” are a wonderful solution to this. Today, numerous sustainable brands accept buy now, pay later providers like Afterpay, making sustainable clothing more accessible.

In this article, we cover some of our favoritesustainable clothing brandsthat offer payment plans so you can shop sustainably without breaking the bank.

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?

The option to “buy now, pay Later,” is a relatively new feature that is now widely available. When you go to check out, you can choose to pay using the available buy now, pay later provider. This allows you to split up the full price of your order into interest-free payments at no additional cost.

You’ll be directed to pay through the third party and you can pick the payment installment that works best for you. Most buy now, pay later apps offer four fixed installments every two weeks for free.

However, if that frame doesn’t work for you, you can choose to pay smaller amounts over a longer timeframe with additional interest. The smaller the amount and the longer the time frame, the more interest they will charge, but it will be considerably less than the interest most credit cards charge.

Some common buy now, pay later companies your favorite brands may partner with are:

Why Are Payment Installments Important?

There are numerous reasons why it’s great for sustainable brands to offer the option to buy now and pay later.

Sustainable fashion can be more expensive thanfast fashionand for a good reason. Fast fashion is only cheap because it involves bothexploitative laborand environmentallyexploitative business practices.

可持续项目成本更高,因为工人re paid a fair, living wage, and the materials used are of higher quality. Plus, sustainable brands often use eco-friendly business practices and packaging, which also adds to the total cost.

Sustainable products are more expensive to make and in turn cost us more to buy. You can read more about the true cost ofsustainable manufacturing here.

Having the option to pay in installments makes sustainable clothing more accessible. It makes it possible to invest in sustainably made, high-quality items even if you’reon a budget.

重要的是要注意,我们不鼓励using payment plans as an excuse to buy more. It’s not sustainable to go into debt to purchase new clothing or to buy things that aren’t necessary. Paying through installments will hopefully prevent you from going into debt and allow you to support sustainable brands that may not be affordable upfront.

Our Top 15 Sustainable Brands that Accept Payment Plans:


Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Shoes, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

Leather is one of the oldest natural materials used to produce clothing but it’s since become a largely unsustainable material that often involvesanimal abuse. Nisolo works to combat this, creatingethically made leathershoes and accessories likepursesfrom materials that would’ve ended up in landfills.

Not only does this B Corp produce some of the cutest boots and shoes, designed to last a lifetime, but they are also incrediblytransparent.

Nisolo is passionate about fair wage employment and sustainable production. Each product has its own “Sustainability Facts” label so consumers can easily understand the impact of their purchase.

use codeSUSTAINABLYCHIC20for 20% off your purchase

2)Girlfriend Collective

Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Activewear, Clothing, Swimwear, Intimates, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Afterpay

Girlfriend Collective is a fantastic one-stop shop for yourwardrobe basics. They are most known for theirsustainable activewear, inclusive sizing, and sustainability efforts. Girlfriend Collective uses recycled plastic bottles to produce their clothing and lists exactly how many bottles were used to make each item.

Their sustainability report also lists how much water was saved and the carbon emissions prevented by your purchase.

Girlfriend Collective has sustainable clothing options for all genders at anaffordable price, even more so thanks to the option to use Afterpay.

3)Poppy Barley

Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Shoes, Handbags, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Affirm

Poppy Barley is a Canadian brand and B-Corporation founded by two sisters in Edmonton, AB. Their company is committed to rethinking every step to create sustainably made, fairly-priced products designed to be worn on repeat. They make insanely comfortable footwear and well-designed accessories with inclusive sizing 5-12 and in medium and wide widths.


Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Clothing, Accessories, Shoes

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Afterpay

ABLE is a wonderful women’s sustainable clothing brand that produces high-quality, investment pieces meant tolast a lifetime. What’s unique about ABLE is that they partner with female artisans throughout the world to design ethically made clothing. They are passionate about ending female exploitation in the fashion industry.

ABLE uses a variety of sustainable, natural materials and has a lifetime guarantee on their products so you can purchase with confidence.

5)Dazey LA

Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Clothing, Swimwear, Activewear, Accessories, Home

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Afterpay, Zip

Dazey LA is one of the best sustainable clothing brands fordopamine dressing. From funky accessories to graphic tees and printedswimwear, Dazey LA has what you need to spice up your wardrobe.

Everything is designed by the founder, Dani Dazey, and made to order locally in LA.

Dazey LA releases four sustainably made collections a year and offersinclusive sizingand unisex options. Dazey LA also has a new, wonderful selection of sustainable home decor. Afterpay and Zip make their items more accessible, as do their yearly sales.


Price Range: $$$

Categories: Clothing

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

When it comes to building acapsule wardrobe, Vetta should be your first stop. Vetta offers twelve different capsules to suit a variety of styles or the chance to build your own at a discount.

If you don’t want to purchase a full capsule, you can also buy their items a la carte.

Vetta produces their clothing infair trade-certified factories. They use a variety of sustainable materials likeTencelandorganic cottonto create versatile, high-quality, and timeless wardrobe staples.


Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Intimates, Clothing, Activewear, Home

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Afterpay

Pact is most known for theirsustainable underwearmade fromGOTS-certifiedorganic cotton. However, they now have a wide selection of sustainably made apparel for all genders. At Pact you can find most wardrobe staples from athleisure, intimates, and apparel basics including skirts and outerwear.

They even have options forkidsandbabies.

Pact is a carbon-neutral company and they produce their clothing in Fair Trade-certified factories.

use codeSustainablyChic15for 15% off your entire purchase

8)Outland Denim

Price Range: $$$

Categories: Clothing

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Klarna, Afterpay

One of our favorite brands forsustainable denimis Outland Denim.

They offer denim options for all genders and a small collection of other apparel basics like shirts and dresses.

Everything is vegan and made from organic cotton.

Outland is transparent about their supply chain and produces their apparel in a fair-paying factory in Cambodia. They primarily employ women to help provide ethical, fair-wage jobs toempower women.


Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Clothing, Activewear, Intimates, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Klarna

Tentree is a wonderful brand to find sustainably made apparel basics and accessories for all genders.

Tentree is aB Corpand climate-neutral company that gets its name from their pledge to plant ten trees for every purchase.

They make their clothing from sustainable natural and recycled materials like hemp and Tencel. Many of their products areaffordably priced, but you can also use Klarna to purchase with a payment plan.


Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Intimates, Clothing, Activewear, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Afterpay

Boody produces some of the softest sustainable intimates around, available for all genders. They use primarilyorganic bamboofabric that’s sustainably produced in a closed-loop system.

Here you’ll find a large selection ofunderwear, bras, and socks.

Boody also offers babywear as well as a small collection ofloungewear, basic apparel, and accessories like scarves.


Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Shoes, Accessories, Activewear, Intimates

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

Few brands have managed to design comfortable athletic shoes that are sustainably made.

Allbirds is one of them, producing a wide selection ofsustainable sneakersfor running, hiking, and walking, including water-resistant options.

Everything is made from natural and sustainably sourced materials likeZQ-certified Merino wooland foam soles from sugarcane.

Their shoes are similarly priced to most leading competitors and have options for all genders and kids. Recently, Allbirds has expanded to create a small collection of athleisure, and accessories, including underwear and socks.


Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Intimates, Clothing, Accessories, Home

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Sezzle

Kotn designs stylish, minimalist apparel and accessories that make it easy to build an entire wardrobe. Kotn primarily uses sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton as well as a variety of natural and recycled materials.

At Kotn, you’ll find numerous apparel options for all genders as well as sustainably made home goods, primarilybeddingand bath items.

Everything is made on family-run, fair-paying farms.

use codeKOTNCHIC10for 10% off your purchase

13)Made Trade

Price Range: $-$$$

Categories: Home, Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, Shoes

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

If you’re looking for a wide variety of apparel and products, look no further thanMade Trade. This family-run, woman-owned sustainable marketplace makes it easy to support eco-friendly brands both small and large. At Made Trade you’ll find inclusive sizing and you can even shop by the values that are most important to you such asvegan,BIPOC-Ownedor handcrafted.

Every brand available on Made Trade meets their sustainable standards such as fair-wage employment, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly production methods.

use codeSUSTAINABLYCHICfor $20 off your first order of $150+


Price Range: $-$$

Categories: Home, Beauty, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

Another wonderful ethical online marketplace isEarthhero.

Similar to Made Trade, you can shop by your value to easily find products and brands that meet your standards.

Earthherois a certified B Corp, Climate-neutral, and a 1% for the planet partner.

Here you’ll find most things you could need such ashome goods, apparel,beauty products, travel necessities, tech accessories, and even sustainable items for your pet.

15)B. Yellowtail

Price Range: $$-$$$

Categories: Clothing, Accessories

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

If you’re looking for gorgeous accessories liketimeless jewelryand statement pieces, B. Yellowtail is a fantastic sustainable clothing brand. B.Yellowtail isIndigenous ownedand led and features artisan-made accessories and apparel made by Indigenous creators including the founding designer.

They have a great range of options for all genders with inclusive sizing available.

B.Yellowtail releases small collections made from natural materials several times a year. They don’t offer discounts on the majority of their products, so Shop Pay is a great option to support them even if you’re on a budget.

16)United by Blue

Price Range: $-$$$

Categories: Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Activewear, Home

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: Shop Pay

United by Blue has a large variety ofoutdoor apparelfor all genders as well astravel gear和基本的厨房和生活器皿。无论你是looking for travel-friendly reusables, a denim jacket, or a sustainably madeduffel bag, chances are United by Blue will have it.

They use various sustainable materials but what makes them great is their commitment to the environment. United by Blue removes a pound of trash for every item purchased and regularly hosts trash cleanups. They are also climate-neutral and B Corp certified.

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