20 (More) Affordable Ethical & Sustainable Dresses for the Minimalist

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Affordable Sustainable & Ethical Dresses Perfect for the Minimalist

Looking to add a new ethical dress to your wardrobe? We’ve compiled a list of affordable, sustainable dresses perfect for the minimalist wardrobe. Most of these dresses here are under $125, and all are ethically made & out of eco-friendly fabrics. These are mostly solid colors to add to a capsule wardrobe easily, but there are a few neutral prints you may enjoy. We love versatile dresses that are comfortable and easy to dress up or down, depending on where you are going. Enjoy!

What Makes a Dress Ethical or Sustainable?

When thinking in terms of ethics - Does the brand pay the manufacturer fairly? Is the farmer growing the cotton treated fairly, as well? Depending on your values, you will look for different things when shopping ethically. For example, if you are vegan, you would ensure the dress does not contain animal products.

I find sustainable fashion to be the main focus & includes the term ‘ethical.’ Typically, for a dress to be considered ‘sustainable,’ it should be eco-friendly, ethically made, lasting, and accessible. Of course, we could make a long list of what a sustainable dress should be, but these are the key characteristics I look for when deciding on my purchase. There is a simple checklist to find at the end of this posthere, and in this post, you can learn much more about sustainable fashion and how you can participate in the movement.

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& before I dive into this post… I have to get something off my chest.

What is ‘affordable’ ethical fashion?

I received this comment on Pinterest:

“literally none of these are “affordable” $128 for a dress i can buy at target for $25”

I’m sure some of you may be thinking the same thing… But if you are paying $25 for a dress, know someone is being taken advantage of - and cheap goods (like a fast-fashion dress at Target) only continue to support poverty. If you want to ensure the farmer and maker are paid a fair wage, paying only $25 for a dress is unheard of. This is not possible! $40 would be the absolute least inexpensive you could find in an ethical brand, and that dress would be very simple. If you can not spend $128 on a quality, ethically-made dress that will last you years and years, purchase a second-hand dress - or love the dresses you already have. Don’t go to Target or another fast-fashion store because youwantto pay less. Fashion is not supposed to be cheap! There are people behind the clothes you wear, and those people need to make a fair wage for their work <3

Clothing consumption is up 400% from nearly two decades ago. Most people purchase not out of necessity but out of want and to keep up with trends. Fast fashion only exists because of this - not because it caters to poor people. People who live on very low wages, who need clothing, and who are purchasing from fast brands are not the problem.

read more about sustainable fashion -BOB(中国)手机版官网 - and fast fashion -here-

Now, our top picks for minimalist dresses that are sustainable & ethical:

1)Jaya Wrap Dress

Brand: Passion Lilie

Price: $120

Material: Cotton & Recycled Cotton

This lovely dress is curve-friendly and flattering for all body types - even for nursing mothers! It is handwoven and handmade ethically in India.

Your purchase helps provide a secure job with fair wages and a positive working environment to artisans in India and the United States.

2)Blaire Dress

Brand: Carve Designs

Price: $98


This collarless button-down is paired with a flouncy tiered skirt and sweet ruffle detail - and comes in 4 different colors (navy, olive, white & pink). As a company born at the beach and endlessly inspired by the outdoors, Carve prides itself on crafting fashion-forward everyday designs made of sustainable materials.

3)Ballet Dress


Price:$118 (codeKOTNCHIC10for 10% off)





Material:Organic Cotton & Bamboo

5)Your T-Shirt Dress

Brand: Pareto

Price: $68


6)Chrysalis Cardi

Brand: Encircled

Price: $183

Material: Lenzing Modal®





8)Convertible Shirt Dress

Brand: Vetta

Price: on sale $89

Material:有机棉& Recycled Poly

9)Reese Dress

Brand: Ably

Price: $80

Material: Modal

10)Lite T-Shirt Dress

Brand:Organic Basics

Price:on sale for $39


11)Jane Maxi Dress


Price:on sale for $78


12)Airplane Tank Dress


Price:on sale for $70

Material:Organic Cotton

13)Naomi Workout Dress


Price:on sale $62

Material:Recycled Plastic Bottles

14)Zendaya Dress

Brand:Amour Vert

Price:on sale $67


15)Poplin Dress

Brand:For Days


Material:Organic Cotton

16)Isla Dress

Brand:Whimsy & Row

Price:on sale $40

Material:Organic Cotton

17)Denver Frill Dress

Brand: Thought

Price: on sale $25


18)Cascadence Sweater Dress


Price:on sale $48

Material:Organic Cotton, Recycled Poly & Wool

19)Fit + Flare Midi Dress

Brand:Happy Earth

Price:on sale for $52

Material:Organic Cotton

20)Royal Toscana Dress

Brand:Magic Linen





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