10 Sustainable Scarves, Bandanas & Wraps for Chilly Days

image by Wild Mantle

image byWild Mantle

I created this sustainable scarf post years ago, and I’m finally making some updates. It’s September, and I’m so ready for fall - I’m sure you can relate!

This post is mostly made up of scarves and wraps for fall/winter time, but there are a few you can easily wear all year long. Cotton is always in season, and even some summer nights can feel a little chilly so it’s a perfect fabric during that time of year. There are a couple made from cashmere, which is obviously a good choice for winter and fall. It’s a natural fiber that keeps you so warm and cozy - and if you really need to keep warm, the mantles are amazing!

Cashmere Blend Fringed Wrap

Brand:Thread Tales Co.

Price: $225

Made from 30% cashmere & 70% wool, this gorgeous wrap is total luxury, and is hand woven by artisans in Nepal.

Based on traditions and culture, Thread Tales Co. is putting purpose back into fashion. Sustainability is at the core of their business, and they love to utilize the best in natural fibers like; Lotus, Cashmere, Merino, Cotton, Linen, Camel & Yak wool.

Champagne & Pearl Infinity Scarf

Brand: Mayamam Weavers

Price: $20

A wonderful way to dress up your holiday outfits, this scarf is hand woven in cotton in a light and airy weave the weavers call "weave a little, leave a little".

Mayamam织布工在莫里斯顿,NJ & proud members of the Fair Trade Federation. The artisans use weaving techniques of Mayan culture to create their accessories and home goods.

Floral Crescent Bandana 3-Pack

Brand: United by Blue


Every bandana set sold removes one pound of trash! Made with 100% organic cotton. This brand creates responsible durable goods perfect for outdoors. Not only are their designs thoughtful, they help clean up trash in the world’s oceans and waterways! So far they have removed 1,108,117 pounds of trash!!

frame poncho

Brand:Christa Louise

Price: $195

The Frame Poncho is made from a sheer silk chiffon with ultra-fine merino wool trimmed edges. You can find it in 13 different colors, but the black/petrol shimmer is my absolute favorite. I’ve always thought felting was an interesting art form, but the village women in Mexico who are creating these pieces for Christa Louise have taken it to a whole new level for me. This nuno {fabric} felting is an art of fusion, and is all done by hand.

Honey Bee Scarf

Brand: Beastly Threads


The Honeybee Scarf is made from organic cotton, and was designed in Brooklyn, hand block printed by artisans in Bagru, India with natural, non-toxic dyes, and then cut & sewn in the USA. $10 will be donated to Natural Resources Defense Council who is working to reverse the decline in honeybee populations.

Beastly Threads is full of beautiful eco-ethical textiles supporting wildlife protection and habitat conservation.

Let’s Make Equality Reality

Brand:Round Plus Square


Upgrade your look with this beautiful silk bandana. It looks great wrapped around your hair, wrist, neck or in your pocket!

Created by fashion designer and entrepreneur Henriette Ernst, ROUND + SQUARE focuses on style, substance and sustainability while empowering women and raising awareness for gender equality.


Brand:Wild Mantle


有一件夹克没有罩吗?这是完美的olution! I own two mantles from this brand, and they are amazing to have during the cooler months.

All Wild Mantle pieces are made in the USA under ethical & fair production. Avi, the creator, takes so much pride in every new design introduced in the Wild Mantle collection.

patchwork bandana


Price: $28

Handcrafted from soft organic cotton, each bandana features colorful patchwork paneling in spruce, navy and bone,finished with delicate hand stitching.

A non-profit social enterprise,Anchalis providing alternative careers in textiles to marginalized & exploited women in India.

Stripes & Blocks Scarf



Made from a lightweight cotton, this scarf is perfect for chilly mornings in the spring and summer time, or if you live in a place like Florida, all Fall and Winter, too!

The Stripes & Blocks Scarf is handwoven in partnership with a family-run cooperative in Mitla, Mexico.

Umbra Mink Cashmere Scarf

Brand:Studio Variously


This scarf looks so luxurious! It’s made from cashmere and merino, & dyed to create a beautiful sustainable fashion statement. It is super soft, and made by master artisans. “Based out of Detroit, Michigan, Studio Variously works directly with master artisans across India & Nepal to create a design collaboration one custom piece at a time.” - madetrade.com

image by Minna

image byMinna

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